Deposit safe KS800

Safes of the KS 800 series are deposit safes intended for storing daily traffic.They can be anchored to the floor, wall, table or some other heavy piece of furniture. Slot and anti-fishing panel are located in the front.


Specifikacije proizvoda

Outside dimension(HxWxD): 800 x 410 x 350 mm
Weight: approximately 62 kg
Locking: upper door-electronic lock with delayed opening, lower door-key lock with locking
Safe body: 4 mm thickness
Safe door: 6 mm thickness
Anchoring: at the bottom of the safe – 4 openings, fi 20 mm
Deposit opening (slot): anti-fishing panel and slot in the front dimensions H22 x W200 mm
Mechanism: two movable bolts on one side, hidden shackles on the other